Something Special!

A small ‘ceremony’ within your ceremony…a happening…an activity…what it is and what it will mean is up to you!

Something visual and interactive with ribbons or flames or sand -for example – can provide a real highlight for your day as well as involve you and your guests in a unique way; it can encapsulate the loving significance of your special event.

There are so many different ways – ancient and modern – that could create a real focus point for your occasion to make it that bit ‘extra’ special and meaningful. This could be something really inclusive and distinctive. It could be simple and straightforward or involve different – or all of –  your guests, depending upon the particular resonance you would like to create for your ceremony.

Below are images showing just a few examples of rituals that would reinforce the quintessence of your day.

I would be very happy to discuss how you would like your ceremony to be remembered and find a special way that will be perfect for you.

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