Naming and New Families

Congratulations! Your family has grown…or is about to!

Whether it’s a new baby, babies or a newly blended family you are creating, it’s the most natural thing in the world to want to mark the happy occasion! If you wish to find an alternative to a traditional ceremony’s content or venue, then choosing a celebrant to perform your bespoke ceremony in a place and a time of your choosing with exactly the ceremony you want, is a perfect solution!


Just as Simba is given to Rafiki by Mufasa and Sarabi to be introduced, named and celebrated on Pride Rock (Lion King!) you will also wish to share your joy in the way that is right for you and your little one(s).

With readings, poems, music and activities of your choosing – that can still be but don’t have to be religious or spiritual – you may include God/guide parents and grandparents to join in with sharing your and their hopes and dreams, intentions and promises for your little one(s).

I welcome those seeking to re-name themselves later in their lives, too.

New Families

You may have adopted a named baby or child or possibly created a new family with step children and naturally wish to mark and celebrate this important time with a bespoke, special ceremony with and for everyone. I will happily assist you in selecting and structuring the different music, poetry, activities and readings that will resonate for everyone involved – religious or spiritual or otherwise – to create a personalised gathering and wonderful celebration to mark this significant moment in all of your lives. These ceremonies can be interactive and communal or simple and straightforward, depending upon what is best for you.

A shorter, simpler – but still inclusive – version of this sort of ceremony can be a distinctive element of a wedding ceremony as well!

Have a look at the ‘Something Special’ page to find out and possibly select a process by which you could mark this moment in a memorable, visual and shared way: a sand pouring ceremony perhaps or a fingerprint family tree?

More information about Naming and New Families, please get in touch!

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